Installation of TypeScript in Sublime Text on a Windows

I have been playing with TypeScript recently using Visual Studio. It is easy to get started with TypeScript in Visual Studio. All you need to get it working is install TypeScript Visual Studio plugin from TypeScript website and Web Essentials extension. Works like a charm.

It is more tricky to get TypeScript support in Sublime Text. There is a plugin available, created by Microsoft. However, installation readme just sends to Sublime documentation home page. Amount of information there about installation of various plugins and packages was overwhelming for me as I never installed Sublime plugins before.

Installation Instructions

  1. Go to Preferences -> Browse Packages… in Sublime. It opens packages folder in windows explorer.
  2. Unzip TypeScript plugin downloaded from msdn to this folder.
  3. Done! Syntax highlight should work now.

Initially I was tripped by other packages folders Sublime has in it’s Program Files directory. My attempts to unzip plugin to Program Files folders didn’t work, because it should be unzipped to User folder.

UPDATE: Discovered later that it can be installed much easier through Sublime’s package manager. Click ctrl (command) + shift + p to open command palette, type “Install Package”, then type “TypeScript”, done!

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