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Laying a foundation of AngularJS project

I recently worked on my first AngularJS project. It was a bit of surprise to find out how much work you need to put into building a set of generic components for your project.

AngularJS claims to be a toolset for building frameworks rather than a framework on its own. Even though it provides plenty of core functionality out of the box (e.g. routing, data-binding, etc.), you will still need to build many components for common tasks such as loading panes, notifications, etc.

The project that I worked on was an intranet type application, used mainly to view and edit various types of data. As such, most of the components that I describe below deal with improvements to form usability.

To give you an idea which features are not in AngularJS, I describe some of the custom components that we built for the project. For some of the components, I provide implementation ideas while for others I only provide design ideas but both should help you get started on your first CRUD AngularJS application.

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Sortable Tables with Knockout

Recently I had to build a few web pages with sortable tables. Where you can click on a column title and it will order records. Knockout was already used on the project to render pages.

I went to google to see if there is already a solution to order tables generated by knockout. All I could find is bridges to massive JS libraries, which control rendering of entire table, dictating me how to structure my data. Such solution didn’t work for me, because I wanted to have a full control over table rows rendering, as my tables had custom controls and widgets bound to my view model.

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My Opinion About Script#

Building and maintaining large scale applications in JavaScript is complicated. It is especially becomes problematic when many developers work on a single project. One of the ways to approach this problem is to use some other language, which compiles down to JavaScript. There are various such projects out there: Coffee Script, Google Dart, Google Web Toolkit, TypeScript, Script#.

Recently I have been involved in maintenance of the project built using Script#. It lets you write code in C# language and compile it to JS. I have never heard about this tool before faced it on the project.

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